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How much is Your Website? Learn the Cost of Your Domain Name and How You Can Raise It

The value of a website is appraised after considering several factors such as age, difficulty of acquiring a website, demand, potential, future marketability and rarity.

However, the cost of a domain name is usually determined by a very straightforward and crude factor: how much a buyer is willing to pay for it.

If you are looking to sell your website, it would be helpful if you first examine the reason why you want to put it down or transfer to another owner.

Exploring Different Options for the Website

There could be many reasons why an owner would dispose their websites. It could be that they own multiple websites and management of many domains is becoming an issue. It could be that the website in question is no longer producing its desired revenues.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to sell a website, be sure you have already exhausted all other possible moves aside from disposing it. It would be advisable to seek the help of internet marketers and professional website developers to improve or recreate a website.

A running website already has a targeted market and track history. Studying the demands of the target audience and gleaning points from the website history are logical ways to help the owner boost a website’s strength.

Getting into the Process of Selling

If you have already decided that selling the website is the best option, be prepared to have the following essentials in online sale:

  • Business Price
  • Professional Financial statement. An ideal financial statement should show a minimum of two to three years of history, especially for ecommerce websites
  • Growth potential
  • Past Website Performance. This report should include bounce rates, number of visits, page views and other helpful website metrics. Google Analytics as well as a host of other web tools can easily and swiftly generate these details

The type of website also determines its appraisal worth. It helps brokers and buyers to come up with the most suitable price. It affects the valuation criteria which will be most applicable to the site being sold.

There are many websites that can be used to appraise a website’s worth. However, not all domain owners are satisfied with the results of these appraisal tools. If you own a domain which you have invested time and efforts in, you may feel that a website’s assessment of your domain value may not be enough.

Luckily, there are many ways in which to boost your website price so you can sell it on a higher value.

Improve Your Google Page Rank

Brokers, buyers, and sellers in the domain industry trust the relevance and assessment of Google. The best way to raise your domain value is to rank higher in Google.

Create more relevant and efficient back links to your website to improve your page rank. Get the help of other web owners to link their domains to yours. Post and promote your website to forums of your niche or advertise through social media.

Increase Your Alexa and Compete Ranking

Alexa and Compete are two web tools which detects the number of hits or visitors a website gets. The number of visitors you get as recognized by Alexa and Compete determine your site potential to get on top of their rankings. Both websites outline guidelines on how to do this.

Grow Your Yahoo and Google Page Links

Yahoo and Google are two of the most trusted search engines and improving your page links from these websites will significantly impact your domain value.

Setting a site map and making your domain easily accessible are simple ways to index your web pages from Yahoo and Google.


Posted on: Thursday 11th December 2014, 07:30:15 PM

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