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Discover the Top Domain Name Auction Sites for Your Business

A credible domain auction site is transparent in its transactions. It gives users the ability to search, sell, and purchase domain names in the most convenient and understandable way possible.

Top domain auction sites also allow hundreds of users to purchase domain names in bulk and provide links for a secure and safe transfer of funds.

Here are the top domain name auction sites as voted by users:

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is a successful auction site because of the quality of domain names it offers. It also offers users several helpful tools to make the whole auction process fast, simple, and successful. Among the auction tools it features are the following:

Ability to Auction While on the Move

Mobile auction is an innovative feature of GoDaddy. Now, users do not need to get home to access and purchase their desired domain names. They have the ability to participate in auctions anytime, anywhere.

The downloadable GoDaddy application makes it possible for users to place bids, top existing offers, or review and take offers by using your phone.

Ability to Place Multiple Bids for Multiple Domains

Domain auction is very competitive. If you are eyeing several domains on auction at the same time, it may be tough to place a bid for each website.

This challenge is resolved by GoDaddy through its web tool which enables users to place different bids for different domain names at the same time. All users need to do is procure a domain name wish list with the corresponding amount for each site. Through this simple method, buyers can place as many bids as they want at the same time.

FTP Site for Domain Auctions

GoDaddy is used by many users because it gives them the most recent dish in domain auctions. The FTP site provides users with the Most Active listing, Featured Listings and access to Five-Letter Domains.


NameJet is a domain auction site which gives users the chance to backorder a website and set an amount they are willing to pay for their desired domain.

It also featured advanced tools to help buyers catch the domains they want. These tools include:

Watch Domain Option

Buyers can follow a domain name without having to place a bid on it. Users can just add different domain names they are interested in without actively placing a bid on the auction. This way they can participate in the move of a domain without making commitments immediately.

Verified Bidding

This special tool is for users who are serious in vying for a domain name. Potential owners have the freedom to bid as high as they want. The Verified Bidding feature of Name Jet does not put any restriction to buyers.

Saved Searches

It can be challenging to remember domain names if you are following and bidding on multiple websites.

With the Saved Searches feature of NameJet, users can easily track different domain names by giving buyers the option to name and save different queries. This personalized search option makes it possible for users to customize and organize their domain buying experience.


Probably the largest name in the domain industry, Sedo offers it users a wealth of services aside from domain auction such as domain parking and domain brokerage.

Sedo is also known for its user-friendly interface which makes navigating the website easy. Sedo can also appraise a website and keep users up to date with the latest market and pricing trends in the domain industry.

Getting a domain on a fixed price is a thing of the past. Because of its competitive nature, domain ownership can be achieved by placing the best bid for a website.

Posted on: Thursday 11th December 2014, 07:30:40 PM

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