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How to Register an Email Address with Your Domain Name

Getting an email address with your domain name is one of the basic steps to take as a legitimate and serious business owner. After all, an email is the best and fastest way to contact you in the global community.

There are many web emails which are proven to be trustworthy, user-friendly, and valuable. However, is your Gmail or Yahoomail enough to support your business in the future?

The best way to examine why you need an email which displays your domain name is to put yourself in a consumer’s perspective. Customers tend to gravitate more to businesses which use their own email address rather than web mails. An email with its own domain name gives businesses a boost in consumer confidence and brand marketing.

Registering your email with your domain only costs around ten dollars a year from the majority of registrars.

Google Applications for Business

The first choice of many domain owners is to make use of the Google applications specially designed for businesses. Google applications usually cost five dollars a month for every user or address registered for a domain.

Because Google email is largely familiar to many people, using the business email applications of Google is easy. Users can make the most out of Gmail as well as Google Drive. If you do not want to go through the hassle of getting familiar to a new email host or experience, this is the best option to take. It is just like using Gmail, only with your own domain in it.

Making the Most of Windows:

Microsoft boasts of being the first ever free web email. It is a proven, trustworthy email that anyone using Windows can get for free. Users can get up to five hundred email addresses. For a small fee of $19.95 per email account every year, users can already do away with advertisements from Outlook.

Outlook can also support push email applications such as Exchange ActiveSynch to help users get email in their tablets or smart phones.


Tech savvy people consider FastMail as the trendiest email today. It is the top alternative for people who want to switch from Google applications. Although FastMail is still a growing email provider, it already provides users the ability to sync email applications using POP3 and IMAP.

For users who need multiple accounts in just one provider, FastMail also offers business email options and family email accounts. Another reason that FastMail is attracting more and more clients is because it is very affordable. For a starting rate of $39.99 a year, users can already have their own email domain.


The number one choice of users who put topmost priority in privacy, HushMail is the go-to email provider for people who seek extra confidentiality and security in their emails.

HushMail offers advanced privacy options for users by utilizing unlimited aliases for emails, HiPPA privacy compliance, and built in Open PGP encryption. If you are not comfortable with Google having access to your emails, HushMail is the best option to switch to.

Getting HushMail account is only $5.24 per month for every user, though there is a setup fee of $9.99.

 Zoho Mail

Zoho has been around for a long time. This email provider offers users impressive web apps such as professional email hosting.

Users can get it for free or top up for only $2.50 per month to get extra storage and other features.

Depending on your business or personal needs, there are many email service providers today that can give you an address with your domain name and can focus on the different features you need most.


Posted on: Thursday 11th December 2014, 07:31:03 PM

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