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What’s in a Name? The Secrets to Brandable Domain Names Finally Revealed

Have you ever wondered how some domain names take off and become a huge success while others sputter for a while in the World Wide Web and eventually dissolve into online invisibility? Is there really a distinguishing factor that offers domain names feat to stand out from a million others?

The truth is, effective and remarkable domain names do not just happen overnight. These domains do not just turn into lucrative websites by accident. These virtual assets which have generated income to their owners were actually well-thought out and created using proven techniques garnered through years of research and application.

Storeowner of one such domain name success, Dr. Christopher’s Herbs, shares key points that have made their company make money through a premium domain:

Technique #1:

Decide between Discoverable and Brandable

Before setting out to decide on a domain name that will uphold your company or business, decide first if you want the name to be discoverable through search engine for prospective visitors to easily find by typing in key words or if you want it to be brandable instead. What is a brandable domain? Would-be domain owners, whose marketing tactic focuses on banner ads, buzz building, or paid search listing should look out for a name that will make their business easily marketable through domain.

There are different strategies employed by different marketers promoting various services or products. The key is to zero in on one and decide major choices from there, including the choice of the brand’s name that will be introduced through the internet.

Technique #2:

Decide the Best Domain Extension to Go with the Name

There is no doubt that a .com domain extension yields much authority over others. Common, regular internet users and SEO experts alike distinguish the power behind a domain succeeded with a .com extension but unfortunately, not many can have this advantage.

Millions of domains for a .com TLD are already taken. The good news is there are still other extensions that impresses authority such as .info, .org, .edu, .gov, and .net. Better yet for local business owners, choosing a local extension is even more beneficial because it targets the right audience. Targeting massive visitors from all over the world who have no need of your service is useless compared to receiving lesser visitors who will in fact click to buy or subscribe to what you have to offer.

Technique #3

Decide to Steer Clear from being a Copy Cat

Although it is wise to learn from successful online entrepreneurs, it is a big mistake to not think independently and downright copy what competitors do. Avoid names which sound or are similar to that of your company’s competition. Similar domain names from businesses of the same nature are a definite no-no: it runs a big risk of your traffic being routed to the competitor’s website plus it may be used as grounds for infringement and other legal woes.

Technique #4

Decide to be Creative

Business strategies need to be creative to be effective. What better way to show off originality than through a catchy, imaginative domain name? Gone are the days when one-word names rule the world for brandable domains. One-word domains may have been grandfathered but competition is also tough in terms of traffic and online visibility.

Remember that YouTube is composed of compounded words which have nothing to do directly with videos but put together and its creators have made the go-to hub for all types of videos – from movie clips to music videos to tutorials to recordings made by regular people from their homes.

These techniques have been used not only by the successful Dr. Christopher’s Herbs but also by other big hits that have carved their name in the internet and have made money by premium, brandable domain names. If applied correctly, these tactics could make your own domain churn money for your business.


Posted on: Thursday 11th December 2014, 07:31:25 PM

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