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Domain Name Suggestion for E-Commerce: Discover How Trademarks Weigh In

For e-commerce companies, the name of their product is almost half their business deal. To make a product or service lucrative, it has to first be introduced to the people it was made for. The business-savvy way of doing this is to present the product or service through a name that will leave a mark in its target’s mind.

If you are looking for domain name suggestions for your e-commerce company, know that there is more to just thinking up a catchy term to represent your business. As with any type of trade, rivals are existent and highly competitive. One miscalculated step can be used by competing companies to discredit your business and obliterate your domain name in the World Wide Web.

The best way to avoid such misjudgements is by knowing how trademarks weigh in your business online.

What is a Trademark?

The word Trademark sprouts up every so often in websites, businesses, advertisements, and television that its real meaning may have been altered or lost.

A trademark simply is any term, name, design, symbol, or combination of these things used or projected to be utilized in business to single out and symbolize the services of one company or business provider from the services of other providers. A trade mark indicates where the service it stands for is resourced.

Business owners make use of trademarks to protect not only their products and services but also as a means to safeguard slogans, tag lines, logos, and now, domain names.

Thus governing guidelines for trademarks need to be considered when picking a domain name. This applies even if the website you are planning to build does not share the same niche with the company which cuts some similarity to your target domain name.

Why You Need a Trademark

Businesses should protect their company or brand name, slogans, tag lines, and website name by claiming it as a trademark. Even if these are not officially registered, business owners can just put the ™ symbol next to the name and claim it as a property of the company in the about page or footer of the site.

Most start-up ecommerce owners do not necessarily need to register a trademark though. Merely adding the symbol in their website would already be an adequate solution.

Still, there are various good reasons why a company should consider officially registering their name and other related virtual properties as a trademark. Here are a few examples:

  • The business is swiftly expanding and demands legal protection.
  • The niche of the business has tough competition and registering a trademark can prevent the company from being copied.
  • The company is seeking out investors.
  • The company is affiliated with marketing agencies to produce advertisements.
  • The company is applying for a loan.
  • The company is being sold or is set to be sold.

Trademarks that are officially registered have a monetary value compared to the unregistered ones thus it is a must-have for more serious businesses seeking to delve into legal actions or deals.

More than protection and preservation of company property, a trademark for e-commerce domains can go a long way in business terms and is an effective way of ensuring monetary importance in domains and the business as a whole.



Posted on: Thursday 11th December 2014, 07:31:55 PM

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