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Where to Go for Premium Domain Names for Sale

With the millions of domains names on sale, how can you sift through the substandard ones and find the real gems? Domain name investment is worthwhile if you start off by getting your hands on only the premium domain names for sale.

The good news is there are dozens of websites geared to help both big companies and novice domain buyers alike to make the task easy and manageable.

Here are the high-ranking authorities when it comes to delivering premium domain names to the market:


Sedo is currently the largest market place for premium domains. The site enlists domains for sale, auction, and parking. It also offers their clients a host of other useful services such as domain appraisal, escrow, and partner program.

One the many reasons why domain marketers and owners prefer Sedo is that it makes the whole business as convenient and transparent to the public. It also offers its clients resources such as domain news, the laws governing the domain business, media library, and the hottest market trends.

The various types of services the company offers are tackled comprehensively so that all important aspects are touched and discussed. Such services include domain search, domain name brokerage, parking features, and domain parking benefits.

It does not leave the people out in the dark and even the most novice of prospective buyers feel at ease because of the amount of help that Sedo extends to its clients.


GoDaddy boasts of 12 million clients from all over the world. Even though the company has been around for many years, GoDaddy attests that their company goal is still the same: to help customers start and grow their domain business ventures with confidence so the owners are well-equipped to run it successfully.

The website manages 58 million domains to date and with a large scale of clientele from all over the world, the support its 4,000 employees give is guaranteed to be round-the-clock. is a company that understands that grabbing a premium, marketable domain is a fast-track business deal. That is why its outstanding feature is a premium domain on sale with big discounts every fifteen minutes.

Available domains for sale start at $19.99. The company also practices equal opportunity to all its clients and does not show any special preference to big companies over independent buyers. The orders are on a first come, first serve basis.

Aside from affordability, also ensures buyer protection to its clients by offering 11 months of registration. is a company that aims to provide the complete domain business experience to its customers.

This should be the top choice of large companies for domain business dealings. The website is designed and teeming with top resources such as services for web site design, search engine marketing, email and domain name registration, web hosting, and SSL certificates. It also includes WHOIS services to help its clients leave a mark on the internet.


BuyDomain aims to offer lasting service to its clients. That is why it sets a long-term business goal and vision to would-be customers: it advises the users that buying a domain entails larger responsibility and includes buying strong branding potential, the ability to attract quality traffic, and high recalls.

The comprehensive support that BuyDomains offers is simplified in its easy to use website with a clean design. When visitors type a key word to find the domain name most suitable for their business, the results come up fast and are filtered through price, TLDs, and other relevant factors.

Customer support is also available on standby 24/7 to foster to clients from all over the world.

Different businesses have different needs. To take advantage of the features and benefits these different websites have to offer, it is wise for would-be buyers to know their specific needs and goals. Every business owner on the internet now has the confidence to know that there is an authority website to back up their domain needs. 

Posted on: Thursday 11th December 2014, 07:32:18 PM

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