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Parking Domains: How to Find a Money-Spinning Parking Platform

One of the advantages of domain management is that the owner does not have to wait for a closed sale to make money. Parking a domain can churn money as effectively as selling premium domains.

There are many domain parking platforms available in the market today. What a wise investor of this business needs to find out are the different features of a parking platform. These features will serve as the money-spinning factors to help them manage domain names online while making money.

Easy Setup

Most people opt to park domains because it is easier than a full out sales transaction. For this reason, the setup for domain parking should be convenient. Look for a platform that offers simple setups and if possible, one which guarantees high pay-outs without cost. An ideal setup should give the owner choices for partial automation to automated page optimization as well as total control of the domain settings.

Wide Audience Reach

Majority of untapped market in online businesses do not speak English. The domain name business is not an exemption. Scout for platforms which can offer parking spaces for different languages.

Some domain parking websites offer up to twenty languages in their spaces. An effective parking space for a domain is one which offers visitors advertisements that they can understand and relate to culturally and locally.

Unique Page Styles

Just because a domain is not up for sale does not mean that it requires no work in page design. A good parking platform offers its clients individually designed pages. This means various choices for layouts, templates, and images.

A domain that is set to be parked should not sacrifice its market and aesthetic value. The name should still reflect its potential for market by investing in reasonable but merchandisable design and feel.

High Inclination for Sales

Most owners park their domains while gearing up for sales. Domain owners who have goals to ultimately sell off their properties should affiliate with parking platforms that make sales a possibility for their domains.

Set out for parking websites which can provide sales-oriented parking templates. This technique is hitting two goals with one move: attractive domain parking is achieved while making it possible to promote the domain for sale in the market place.

Some platforms even give clients the convenience of linking their parking spaces to their offer sites. This will benefit the owner in that it increases the likelihood of sales.

Helpful Reporting Tools

Parking platforms should be proactive in delivering statistics and data to owners. It should provide its clients with transparency in terms of traffic origin, visitors’ interaction with advertisements, and other relevant data.

These features are the most basic ones that need to be present in a parking platform to make a domain earn money. Through these benefits, a domain is structured for effective marketability and a strong likelihood for sales.

Posted on: Thursday 11th December 2014, 07:32:44 PM

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