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ICANN Released a Host of New Top Level Domains: What Its Repercussions Mean to the Domain Name World

It has already been decades since the internet is dominated by domains which end with a .com, .org, and .net extension. While it is true that there are also other top-level domains such as the country-targeted ones, the range of influence and impact of a .jp website just isn’t the same as that of a com domain.

In addition to business operations, companies and business owners have an entirely separate challenge in optimizing their reach online. Millions of websites are already on the internet – some have been around for years while some are backed by million-dollar companies which spare no expense in marketing strategies.

ICANN’s plan to massively widen the availability of generic domains has been years in the making. The organization is releasing more than a thousand website naming options. Examples of which are .clothing, .bike, .singles, .ventures, .guru, .plumbing, and .holdings.

The seven aforementioned domain extensions have already gone live and paved the way for businesses and companies to be found by the right audience. As the year 2015 continues, more generic top level domains are expected to be churned out by ICANN.

This move from the web governing party has left many raised eyebrows as much as it garnered patronage. Critics say that the release of new generic top level domains will only spurn more confusion in the already congested internet world.

Release of New Top Level Domains to Ease Pressure from Old Domain Extensions

Though the internet is already teeming with millions of expired domain names and new domains, ICANN adds new TLDs in order to release pressure from old extensions.

Because of this movement, companies no longer have to compete as much. The pool of available TLDs has expanded and now domain naming will no longer create as much legal issues and copyright problems among businesses. 

Companies and business owners can now also ease their efforts when it comes to links building, press releases, and other SEO marketing services. Just a few key words search and one’s website will already come up in search engines. 
The right market will easily be delivered to their website by using targeted TLDs such as .family, .book, and .music.
Is it really possible to standout in terms of website ranking?

Thanks to the continuing efforts of ICANN, the organization responsible or web governance, the internet will no longer be manipulated by grandfathered domain extensions .com and the like.

Posted on: Wednesday 6th May 2015, 11:24:21 AM

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