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The Five Characteristics of a Strong Domain Name

Dubbed as the real estate online, here are the five characteristics to spot in a strong domain name:

1. Sweet and Short

Although there is no definite number of characters to aim for, there is good reason why three and four more

Posted on: Tuesday 18th November 2014, 06:13:20 PM

What Experts Won’t Tell You about Domain Names

Like any business or industry, there are certain secrets and techniques involved in registering, buying, or selling domains. On the flip side, there are also mistakes and misconceptions taken by beginners before learning the ropes.

However, here are more

Posted on: Monday 17th November 2014, 08:10:58 AM

Why You Should Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buying and selling domains used to be a business exclusive for experts and tech-savvy people. Nowadays, however, buying and selling domain names is something that can be learned and done on the side.

More and more people are finding that this is a worthwhile more

Posted on: Monday 17th November 2014, 08:08:34 AM

Learn the Secrets on Purchasing Cheap Domain Names

How ICANN-Accredited Domains May Just be Top Choices

Least costly domains would still prove to be expensive if not accredited and legitimate. To check if a company is legitimate and serious in business, it needs to pass the comprehensive ICANN accreditation checks. This more

Posted on: Saturday 15th November 2014, 04:12:13 PM

Techniques on Getting the Best Domain Name Registrar

Here are a few helpful guidelines that can help you when choosing a domain name registrar:

Find a domain name registrar that has legitimate and proactive customer service. This is especially helpful for novices who are still trying to find their more

Posted on: Saturday 15th November 2014, 04:07:42 PM

Who Owns a Domain Name: Simple Ways to Check Domain Availability

A domain name is probably one of the most important things to consider when starting a website. More than just a title for your site, it can also serve as a powerful advertising tool. Potential customers type in key words on a search engine and the closer they match your domain name, the more likely more

Posted on: Wednesday 12th November 2014, 11:16:51 AM

Premium Domain Sales Promotion

People say we spoil the market but we don’t care because our valued customers make money and we do as well by getting bulk deals. more

Posted on: Tuesday 11th November 2014, 03:45:33 PM

How to Get Cheap Domain Transfer


There are two different methods to transfer domains. The simplest one is to just change your domain registrar. The more

Posted on: Monday 3rd November 2014, 11:49:53 AM

Domain Name Info Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions

More and more people are keener to find out how to make money selling domain names. The value of domain names however does not lie solely on its potential to grow and bring in conversions and sales to the owner. Anyone hoping to engage in the business of buying, selling, more

Posted on: Wednesday 22nd October 2014, 08:52:04 PM

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