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Finding Your Perfect Domain Name Just Got Easier

Starting a business or rebranding your current business can be quite stressful; especially when you are doing all the research yourself. Do you want to find a domain name that is unique to your business, is highly valued, and is also affordable? There are plenty of sites that sell millions of domain names for thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they aren’t even quality domains! We at 247domainsales are experts in the domain name industry, so you can expect to find the highest value in domain names at a low cost to you.

Are You a Domain Investor or Trader?

If you are a Domain Investor or Trader who is looking for great deals on bulk packages of domain names, do we have a deal for you! The more you buy, the lower the price gets….and they exponentially reduce at that! Our rates for all of our top quality and valuable domain names are highly negotiable so you can get a fair deal and we both make money in the end…because that is what it is all about and what makes the world go round.

Valuable, Hand-Picked Domain Names You Can Afford!

At 247domainsales, we know how important it is for your customers to remember your domain name easily, so they’ll keep coming back to your site instead of your competitors.

Our process is highly sophisticated comprising of 5 parts:

  1. We have access to some of the world’s most exclusive domain name trading networks which feeds us thousands of top notch inventories every few days;

  2. A Stage 1 software tool evaluates at many parameters including the TLD, age, links and historical trading prices to shortlist a small fraction of the inventory on offer;

  3. A Stage 2 software tool checks for dictionary correctness, grammatical correctness as well as the absence of dashes “-“, dots “.” and numbers “0,1,2,…9” which greatly devalues a domain name;

  4. The domains are then checked against similar word or phrased historical transactions to weed out even more candidates;

  5. … and finally, an intensive manual inspection is done to check exact match search terms to see if there is a market for each and every candidate; this is an extremely rigorous process where even good EMDs are rejected simply because there is little commercial viability or the top pages are solidly dominated by government and news sites on that topic.

So from a fresh inventory list of about 100,000 domain names, we usually whittle down to 8-10 solid ones – that is 0.01% of great domains which makes our portfolio SUPER ELITE.

For owner-purchasers, we do this so that you can purchase with confidence knowing that it will help boost you to the top of the search rankings thereby potentially saving you many months of SEO efforts, tens of thousands in SEO costs and be recognized as the World Leader in your field.

For traders and investors, you will know as well as anybody that less than 1% of all domains are actually tradable and will actually make you money. So we get you the top 10% of this elite 1% which virtually guarantees you of the opportunity to flip your domains for profit.

We Choose Quality over Quantity with ALL of Our Domains

When business owners are shopping around for the perfect domain name, they need to remember to choose a name or names that are of supreme quality. Buying a couple quality names is worth more than buying a large portfolio that are of low quality.

Domain names are like real estate—we would rather own and market valuable ones in the city versus owning thousands in secluded areas of the desert that nobody wants anyway.

Like a piece of real estate in good neighborhood, there may be ups and downs in the economy but the long term is always up Up UP! Also like a solid property its not uncommon for an investor or loaded business owner to make an astounding offer because he likes the address or the view. Case in point, “” was purchased at $9,300 and sold to an investment group for $140,000 within 9 months!

Here at we are first and foremost domain wholesalers. If you are looking to purchase an investment portfolio of 10, 20, 50 or even 100 domains – speak with us. We have bulk pricing that will please even the most discerning investors.


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