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Terms & Conditions

When you order your domain name from 247domainsales, you hereby agree and will abide by the following terms and conditions herein. You will be bound by our Terms and Conditions and should you not agree to any or all portions herein, you shall cease from using our services and products in any way, shape or form.

Terms and Conditions Subject

Our services include the purchase, renewal and registration of domain names which use our contact information, as it is described further, which will show up in the WHOIS database.

Services We Provide

247domainsales acquires high quality, affordable domain names for you to purchase if it is available for registration on our site. Any additional costs that are incurred by 247domainsales for us to maintain or acquire the domain name upon your choosing shall be paid for by you to 247domainsales.

You should obtain a Godaddy Account to receive the domain names you have acquired. 247domainsales reserves the right to refuse a sale if you do not have a Godaddy Account. This is because the bulk of our domains are registered with Godaddy which restricts transfer of many domains externally.

We also reserve the right to refuse any sale if the domain name or domain names purchased by you are not available FOR WHATEVER REASON. You shall have no claims of ownership until a domain name has been successfully transferred to you and you waive all rights to the domain name, claims of damages, loss of income, opportunity costs and indemnify us from any and all damages from yourself or any third parties.

You hereby agree to and authorize any alternative contact information displays on the WHOIS database, which would include phone numbers, names, addresses, and email addresses. You also hereby allow 247domainsales to streamline any communications that are to you at the displayed WHOIS contact information.

247domainsales has the right and expressed ability to charge you for any and all costs and fees that are related to additional registration fees, administrative costs, transfer fees and taxes due to third parties involved. We also have the right and ability to charge you an administrative fee per each item that we forward to you. You hereby accept all these charges to your credit card.

Indemnification and Warranties

You hereby ensure and warrant that all the contact information you provide to us stays accurate throughout the entire time you do business with us. Should your information change, you shall notify us within fifteen (15) calendar days with your new name, email address, mailing address, phone, or fax number.

We are not to be held liable for any claims, damages, actions, lawsuits, warranties, implied statements and guarantees after you purchase and after the transfer of the domain(s) have been finalized. You shall agree to indemnifying us from any potential liabilities, court occurrences, and any other complaint as a result from domain traders and auction houses who park their domains on our site. We are not to be held liable and are fully indemnified from any issues that may arise.

You do warrant that any domain names you register and purchase through us will not violate any third party rights, trademark rights, and you have taken all steps that are reasonable to assure that you searched through all applicable registries.

You shall also hold harmless and indemnify its directors, officers, agents, and employees with all respect to any and all expenses, claims, damages, and losses that are incurred with respect to any and all claims that arise by third parties which would concern your use of the domain name or the services.

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute, controversy or claim with respect to anything in connect with the Terms and Conditions shall be subject to arbitration by our local arbitrators. 247domainsales shall amend the agreement periodically and we will post the updated version on the website, and removing the outdated version. Every Terms and Conditions amendment are effective immediately. It is your sole responsibility to check our Terms and Conditions page for updates.

Payments and Charges

247domainsales requires all payments for products and services to be made in advance, for the renewal, transfer, and/or registration of every domain name you choose/have and where there will be charges that may apply. The charges for renewal and registration may include third party fees (registrar fees). The charges are initial costs for registering the domain name and the customer agrees to and acknowledges that should they use the domain name on a continual basis, they may incur additional charges, which may be paid to the local registry for domain names upon the date of renewal. There are fixed terms for domain name registrations or when customers are notified of a renewal. All sales are final and no refunds are given once the registration process takes place and should the domain name be renewed by you through the domain registry.

247domainsales does not warrant or is to be held liable if the purchased domain names' advertised appraised value, age, Google PageRank, inbound link quality, and quality are inaccurate at any time nor will we be held liable for any variations of appraised values used by third party tools and service providers.

The merchant does not warrant any tradability of any purchased domains regardless of the information that the buyer may come across either indirectly or directly concerning the domains whether the information is hosted externally or on our site.

The merchant does not warrant that the domain names are encumbrance free from any copyright infringement, trademark infringement or penalties from any search engines.

The buyer agrees and understands that he/she need to obtain an external professional evaluation before making any domain name purchases and will not hold the merchant liable for a lack of accuracy and competency in the evaluation or as a result of the evaluation.

SALES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE FOR WHATEVER REASON. However, they can be exchanged for domains that are of equivalent value, which is subject to our terms and conditions and any promotions.

Domains are the property of 247domainsales until the time where the merchant receives and confirms payment receipt from the buyer, and the domain name shall be transferred within two (2) business days, barring any technical issues not within the merchant’s control.